Some social networkers don’t know what social networking is


Marketing research company Synovate last Monday released the results of an international  survey. In their press release they share one interesting chart, showing the Top 3 communities in 17 markets.


Top 3 communities in 17 markets (source: Synovate)

Other interesting findings:

  • Across the 17 markets surveyed, 42% of people know what online social networking is. The Dutch were most likely to know the term with 89% answering ‘yes’, followed by Japan at 71% and Americans with 70%.
  • Overall, 26% across the markets surveyed are members of social networking sites. This peaked with the Netherlands at 49%, United Arab Emirates (UAE) at 46%, Canada at 44% and the US at 40%.
  • Biggest concerns were lack of privacy (37%) closely followed by lack of security for children (32%). The Dutch were the most concerned about privacy at 54% and lack of security for children was the biggest worry for Americans with 62% of respondents nominating it.
  • 85% of Japanese and German social networkers were uncomfortable handing out details, followed by 83% in Taiwan, 79% in Canada, 77% in Brazil and South Africa and 70% in Poland and the US.
  • Overall, 53% of social networkers notice site sponsors.  Two thirds of site members notice advertisements for products. Thirty-one percent of social networkers notice interactive profile pages featuring brands.
  • Forty percent of people who engage in social networking agree that online communication can be just as meaningful as face-to-face communications. Almost half (46%) agree that it is easier to make friends online than in person. Thirty seven percent of all people from the UAE, 35% of South Africans and 29% of Taiwanese agreed that they had more friends online than they have in the ‘real’ world.

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2 Responses to “Some social networkers don’t know what social networking is”

  1. John Lindsay Says:

    I can see dozens of uses of Belysio in my own life:
    Designer in El Gouna finds sofa for home buyer (me) in Belgium this morning. S
    Real estate broker sees a house that she thinks I really like. Zap. I see it with the location stampeld on the picture. I book a meeting instantly before another buyer gets it.
    Antique dealer in Bali finds a wooden statue that he knows would fit into our new house. Zap. My wife in London and I in Brussels see it simultaneously. We like it. He ships it today.
    Farmer in Brazil has problems with a fungus on his wheat. Zap. Three scientists from http://www.linqia see it, on in Italy, one in Canada one in China – simultaneously. They all see that the problem relates to the geographical location of the farmer where this rare fungus appears. Each of them zaps a message with a solution they think will work – within an hour!

    My daughter has a first bithday cake in Belgium. Zap. My mother, sister and brother in 3 different cities in Canada receive photos. Zap back photo of Mom in Stratford, Zap Sister in Toronto… wishing my daugther happy birthday with big smiles. We feel like we are together, but apart.

    …. Need I go on?

    This is real.
    This is now.
    This is relevant to my life, daily.
    This is not just another 3G or location based fantasy. The future is here, right now. You have a chance to distribute it more equally: Tell your friends.

  2. Wanna play? « Tink*abell Says:

    […] Scrolling down Belysio’s blog I found a fascinating link on social networking. The post is meant to show how most social networking users don’t know what social networking […]

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